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HACCP Wireless Refrigeration Monitoring System
HACCP Wireless Refrigeration Monitoring System requires no PC or software

GMP- Good Manufacturing Processes for food

Good Manufacturing Practices for Food

Following a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is essential for producing safe food under HACCP principles. GMP is a system for food safety to ensure both quality and legal standards are met. Food manufacturers should implement a GMP.

HACCP may be part of your GMP. HACCP is a systematic program to assure safety of food products. Your HACCP program should emncompass the following steps:

  • Identify hazards to be prevented, eliminated or reduced
  • Identify CCPs (Critical Control Points) where control is essential to prevent, eliminate or reduce hazards
  • Establish and implement monitoring procedures at your critical control points
  • Establish corrective actions during monitoring
  • Establish verfication procedures to ensure your program is working effectively
  • Document your work for ensuring food safety

The following instructional video is provided by YouTube and PAHO- it should give you a good introduction to GMP. Please note there is a typo where the word "lighting" is displayed rather than the correct word "lighting".