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HACCP Wireless Refrigeration Monitoring System
HACCP Wireless Refrigeration Monitoring System requires no PC or software

HACCP Wireless Refrigeration Monitoring System requires no PC or software

A key element to HACCP Food Safety is monitoring and recording your food storage refrigeration systems. This can be a daunting task to attempt manually, thankfully, there are simple, easy to install wireless refrigeration monitoring solutions available that easily pay for themselves in reduced spoilage and a safer food supply for all.

Green Edge Systems offers FRESHLOC, a system which monitors voltage, humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, and cryogenic temperature sensing. According to the company, their system is scalable, robust, and reliable. The system should allow a food service to easily incorporate refrigeration statistics into their daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Some features of their wireless HACCP monitoring system are:

  • Long-life battery-operated logging sensors which deliver instant measurements throughout the facility.
  • Generated reports have no missing data even after  an outage, as the sensors store logs.
  • Suitable for monitoring one critical piece of equipment or hundreds of freezers.
  • Continuously monitors any refrigeration device, all makes, models, and brands.
  • Requires no Personal Computers, or software anywhere in the facility.

The systems are presently deployed in several school districts, meat packing facilities, and at least one dairy. Wireless refrigeration data logging helps to assure food safety. For more information, contact Green Edge Systems at +1-818-825-8167. We invite you to comment, especially if you have any first hand experience with this, or a similar system.

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Tami Postin
Posts: 17
Questions regarding system
Reply #4 on : Mon September 16, 2013, 17:56:20
I am the Quality Control Manager for a Food Manufacturer and I would be interested in this equipment but can it be calibrated weekly or is it certified calibrated?
Jeff Rieger
Posts: 17
High Tech Monitoring
Reply #3 on : Sun May 15, 2011, 15:25:20
Good post. I am currently using Freshtemp to monitoring our coolers, I will have to check out Green Edge. Cheers.
Frank Huizenga
Posts: 17
refigeration monitoring
Reply #2 on : Thu March 11, 2010, 22:56:04
I would like to understand how your system works for tracking temps in 6 rooms 24-7
Posts: 17
Reply #1 on : Thu September 24, 2009, 14:38:21
I did not know this existed-thanks

Imagine that the food safety of your restaurant is one report you customize daily, weekly and monthly.

  • Imagine small long-life battery-operated logging sensors, delivering you instant measurements throughout your facility.
  • Imagine your report has no missing data even when your department or hospital suffered an outage, all because your sensors store the past logs.
  • Imagine for one critical piece of equipment or hundreds of freezers, installation is simple, quick and reliable.
  • Imagine having a system working 24/7 monitoring for all your equipment, any make model or brand.
  • Imagine then that there are no PCs and there is no software required anywhere in your facility.